Moto 360 HEader
Google’s announcement overnight of an upcoming update to Android Wear has gotten a number of people rather excited. Of course the manufacturers are excited too and Motorola is excited. They’ve taken to their blog to talk over the new updates and has confirmed that the Moto 360 will definitely be able to make use of the Wi-Fi component of the update.

Motorola has confirmed that the update will be available for the Moto 360 in ‘the next few weeks’ and talked a little about the various components of the update. The Moto 360 will be able to use Wi-Fi as the headline feature, but here’s Motorola’s take on the upcoming update :

Go Ahead, Put Your Phone Down
Over Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to use your Moto 360 when you are out of Bluetooth range from your phone.

Flick It
With a flick of the wrist, scroll between cards of useful info, check out new notifications or go back to the previous one without ever touching the screen.

Turn Quick Drawings into Emojis
Admit it, life is more fun with emojis. Now you can simply draw something – a burger, a clock with time, a smiley face – and Moto 360 will transform it into an emoji to send to your friends and family.

Always-on Screen, Always-on Apps
Now you can continuously view apps while optimizing battery life.

Moto 360 - Android Wear update

Keep an eye on your wrist in the next couple of weeks as Google pushes the update out and let us know when your Moto 360 receives its update.

Source: Motorola.
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“Now you can simply draw something – a burger, a clock”

Oh, there *is* an “L” there…

vijay alapati

So does MOTO 360 has wifi built in 0_o

Daniel Tyson

Well, they said it will work on Wi-Fi, so I`m going to say yes.

vijay alapati

As per google there is no mention of wifi , But Sony SW3 has one in their pages, Anyways would this kill battery more?

Blixa Morgan

yes. It wasn’t well known, but having rooted mine, I was able to confirm it had WiFi hardware from day one. And managed to connect it.


With the WiFi on. His long does the battery last ? As I’m wondering will this update kill the moto 360


I like how the orange watchface middle pic fakes there being no flat tyre on the Moto 360.

Mike S

The update gets rid of it.


Impossible. The flat tire is a hardware thing. It is not part of the screen, it is the ambient light sensor. There is no getting rid of it.

Westley Shaw

No, Mike’s right. I’ve seen the leaked screens and can confirm that there is no flat tire after the update!


there is no “screen” in the flat tire portion, as it is comprised of a sensor. any leaked screens you saw are photochopped. you can’t use software to create matter.

Westley Shaw

No I’ve seen it, it’s most definitely round and not photo chopped. Maybe your confused? Are you thinking of the Moto 360?

Terry Craft

I believe you saw a pic of the Moto 360 2