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It’s just over a week since Samsung released the Galaxy S6 range, and already people are clamouring for the best protection options for their brand new precious smartphones. OtterBox is a brand people have trusted for some years now to offer heavy duty protection to their devices, and they’ve unveiled their range for the Galaxy S6.

There’s a range of protection available, from the seamless Symmetry series through to the neutron-bomb-proof* Defender series. All three offer a high level of protection for the S6, and that’s welcome, because with a glass front and back, there’s a lot of fear (well founded or otherwise) that a few knocks will be all it takes to end the dream for new owners.

Here’s a quick rundown of each of the options, straight from OtterBox:

Defender Series $69.95, is a triple-layer, ultra-rugged case built for the most adventurous types, providing ultimate tough protection. The rugged GALAXY S6 case includes a built-in screen protector, polycarbonate mid-layer and synthetic rubber slipcover. Defender Series for GALAXY S6 will be available in a variety of colour and design options.

Commuter Series $49.95, is a sleek, sturdy two-piece case that offers premium protection while sliding easily in and out of pockets. With one layer of synthetic rubber and one layer of polycarbonate, the slim GALAXY S6 case will come in a variety of “Build Your Own” colour combinations to match any style.

Symmetry Series $49.95 offers seamless protection and style with dual-material construction and a bevelled edge to keep the screen safe. Wraparound graphics and vibrant colour options add a flash of personality to the GALAXY S6.

Alpha Glass keeps the vibrant GALAXY S6 screen safe from scratches and cracks, with a thin layer of fortified glass that maintains the truest touchscreen experience. Bubble-free and anti-shatter, Alpha Glass comes in Clear and Privacy options.

OtterBox have told us that you can buy these cases from most carrier shops (Optus shop and Telstra shop are mentioned) as well as various third party accessories stores. We’ve got a couple of cases coming over to review so we’ll let you know what we think soon.


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nickanthony82 .

Now where’s the one for the edge?


Undoubtedly not far behind. We’ve requested press shots for the Edge and M9 variants.. but haven’t got them yet.