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Nokia, the Finnish company that had really brought the mobile revolution to the masses back in the day, is reportedly planning its return back into the mobile devices marketplace early next year.

The report, which has surfaced via Re/code, comes thanks to sources who have been briefed on the companies intentions going forward. Those intentions are to relaunch Nokia into the mobile devices marketplace early next year. Of course this news comes after the company launched its N1 tablet in China earlier this year.

The sources have told Re/code that the company ‘has a number of other ambitious technology projects’ currently in development stage, some of which include a virtual reality arena. However it remains to be seen how the company can ensure that it can bring its unique and famous Finnish designs back into the marketplace with an Android smartphone, given the company last year sold its previous flagship mobile devices department to Microsoft.

It is understood that any design of a smartphone would be contracted out to Foxconn, which made the companies N1 tablet based on their own specifications, however Nokia will need to really bring something spectacular to relaunch itself back into the marketplace next year, after having left it at rather a low point in its history.

We will have to wait and see what the company will bring out, but given this is something Android users and us here at Ausdroid have been wanting from Nokia, we shall wait in anticipation for further development and news relating to any possible Nokia Android powered smartphone.

Source: Re/code.
Via: Engadget.

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Might even be Cyanogen.

Paul Warner
Ausdroid Reader

That would be good. Android this time??

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