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Xperia Z4

Just a couple of days after Sony quietly launched the Xperia Z4 in Japan, it seems that the company may also be readying successors in its Compact and Ultra series of devices with new Sony models spotted in the Indonesian Telecom regulator’s certification program.

Sony’s devices tend to keep the same number but iterate the letter at the front as the range evolves. The E5803 appears to be a successor the Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) while the E6683 is thought to be a successor to the Xperia Z Ultra (C6683). All the models were submitted yesterday (April 21).

The E5663 and C6683 models don’t necessarily have direct ancestors, but a commenter on GSM Arena theorizes that E5633 is an Xperia Z4 Compact Tablet LTE. It’s possible that they’re variants of other hardware (possibly featuring dual SIMs, or different cellular radio specifications).


This could be great news if you’re looking for a compact flagship this year, with Sony’s 2014 Xperia Z3 Compact turning out to be a solid performer for a lot of people. Check out our review of the Xperia Z3 Compact for a refresher.

By the same turn, the Xperia Z Ultra disappointed when it was released alongside the Xperia Z1. It was considered underpowered and underspecced, with only the large screen size going for it. Sony has since demoted the “Ultra” to the midrange T series where it was far better received (see our Xperia T2 Ultra review), so we might well see it pop up as the T4 Ultra in the near future.

Will you be looking at getting a new Compact or Ultra phone from Sony? Tell us in the comments!

Source: SOGI.
Via: GSM Arena.
Thanks: 1nternet.

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Jorge Imperial
Jorge Imperial

Z Ultra underpowered and underspecced? It was precisely the same Snapdragon 800 as the Z1 and it was released before the Z1 to boot. Please show any link to a review that claimed the Z Ultra was underpowered and underspecced as even your own review praised the SOC and only criticized the size and lack of camera flash.


Well, this is why Ausdroid have no credibility. They’re bias against everyone except HTC.

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