USB OTG Floppy Drive
If you’re in the mood for a bit of retro gaming this weekend, then dust off those ancient floppy disks and track yourself down a USB floppy drive this weekend, because Floppy drives work on Android according to reddit user Nesdood007.

The picture above was submitted to the /r/mildlyinteresting subreddit and shouldn’t actually be a massive surprise to anyone. The Floppy Drive is a USB based external caddy, so this should be all covered under the USB HID for Android. The setup is essentially a USB Floppy drive into a USB OTG cable and into the microUSB port of the phone. A number of phones have enough grunt to power an external Hard drive so it’s all good from that aspect.

Now we know it’s possible, it’s time to install DosBox, grab that old shareware copy of Commander Keen and have some fun this weekend.

Source: reddit.
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    Makes me glad I haven’t thrown out my collection of floppy disks yet.