Q1 2015 Earnings Call
Google has today released their earnings report for the first quarter of 2015, which ran until March 31st. The earnings statement shows that advertising is still Google’s main business, Google saw aggregate paid clicks rising 13% over last year but their cost-per-click has dropped by 7%.

So, what are the big numbers :

  • $17.3 billion revenue for Q1, up 12% on Q1 2014.
  • $3.5 billion Net Income, up from $3.4 billion for Q1 2014.
  • 65.4 billion in cash, up from $64.40 billion cash last quarter
  • Google now has a headcount of 55,419, up from 53,600 last quarter

As usual, an earnings report is always influential on a companies share price, and Google’s Share price closed at $547.00 Up 1.42% and rose to $556.93 up 1.82% in after hours trading.

The actual earnings call will commence shortly and you can listen in on the YouTube link below :

Source: Google.