LG G4 - Feel the Great - See the Great
The LG hype train continues in the lead up to the April 28th launch, with the company releasing more teasers for the G4 on their YouTube channel. The two latest appeared on the LG Mobile Korea YouTube site and concentrate on IPS Quantum display and f/1.8 camera.

There’s not much new information here, but it’s good to get a look at the innards in action. That screen does look quite vivid and bright, but it’s going to be the real world performance once we get the handset ‘in hand’ as it were. Check out the videos and see what you think.

LG G4 Camera

LG G4 IPS Quantum Display

Source: LG Mobile Korea YouTube.
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LG G4 Camera video link is broken, both in the Ausdroid app and on the webpage.


Thanks for fixing the link.

The G4 camera app finally brings all the manual controls into easy access. I really hope some of the third party camera apps take note of this.