G4 - Leather Hides
The LG G4 will have a leather back. We know this, LG has spoken about it, and we’ve seen the massive leak from a couple of weekends back, which really took the wraps off the phone in almost its entirety. Now LG has started talking a bit about the process involved in making the leather rears and it’s pretty intricate.

LG is going for a premium experience with their materials on the leather backed version of the G4. Only hides with pores 0.001 micrometer will be used, and once they pass muster, it takes 12 weeks to turn those hides into back plates for the phone, with LG saying ‘A total of 12 weeks production process … handmade artisan spirit of work is also in progress’.

G4 - Leather Reara process

Each leather back is treated to improve the resistance to moisture and heat disadvantages. MC Business Division president, LG Electronics, Cho Jun-Ho says of the leather rears: “G4 concept of natural leather design is a ‘Comfortable Elegance’.

So, it’s a lengthy process to create the rear plate. Is it worth the extra time needed to make such an oppulent rear cover? We’ll find out next week.

Source: LG.
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vijay alapati

Hope LG will have enough stock on its lunch unlike samsung s6edge. Looks promising


Looking forward to this phone, even starting to dig the leather backs. The tan one that looks almost like suede is especially groovy.