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I may have just got a bit excited when I tripped over possibly the coolest watch face I’ve found to date for my Moto 360. For anyone who is into DC Comics and particularly the Billionaire playboy by day, caped crusader by night legend of Batman will appreciate this. Offering either a light watch face with yellow on black design or “Dark Knight” with grey tones on black the watch face is unmistakably Batman. It will set you back AU$1.18 and as far as I’m concerned, worth every cent!

The ability and ease of delivery to change the way Android and Android Wear devices look and behave is one of the major attractions to the platform and watch faces is just one of those that you can change, making your device feel brand new again.

Watch Face Batman
Watch Face Batman
Developer: thema
Price: $0.99

What is your favourite feature of Android Wear?

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    Michael Manning

    If you like the idea of custom faces, you should definitely try out WatchMaker ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=slide.watchFrenzy ) and/or Facer ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jeremysteckling.facerrel)


    Simply awesome.


    Only thing the yellow on dark watchface is missing is a rotating 3d render of the BatSignal light unit on the hands pivot.

    Phil Tann

    The Bat Signal rotates around as the second timer. 😛


    I know that, Phil
    What I was suggesting was to include the BatSignal spotlight itself as the light source for the beam and circled bat silhouette


    How about android panties?

    vijay alapati

    They better update the face when Batman vs Superman arrives ;p




    Phil, batman is DC comics, not marvel 😛