The Galaxy S6 is a gorgeous phone, and you’ll probably want to protect those gorgeous looks as best you can. There are some solutions that add a great deal of bulk to the phone, protecting it from nearly anything you can throw at it (or indeed, anything you can throw the phone at), but then you can no longer really see or feel the shiny glass back or the precision carved metal frame.

I’ve taken a more minimal approach to my S6. For me, a slight outside edge is enough. All I really need it to do is stop the phone slipping out of my hand and protect it from anything nasty I might accidentally put it down on, or a modest drop. The phone is big enough that I don’t want any additional bulk added to it, something Samsung’s own cases unfortunately do.

I turned my attention to “gel” protective cases and the like, and there’s a few available in the Ausdroid Shop, so today I’m taking a look at three of them.


Orzly Fusion Bumper

$24.95 from the Ausdroid Shop

The Fusion Bumper adds a sizeable protective layer around the frame of the phone, with a raised lip on the front. You can place the phone face down on a flat surface without the front glass coming into contact with said surface, and the edges are grippy enough that the phone won’t fall out of your hand. Buttons are raised on the outside surface, so you won’t have any trouble finding the one you need. There’s also a decent sized clear plastic back that allows you to gaze upon the lovely glass back of your Galaxy S6 while still protecting it from bumps and scratches. It’s also just thick enough that it eliminates the camera bump!


Orzly FlexiSlim

$24.95 from the Ausdroid Shop

The FlexiSlim adds a thin layer of protection around your S6, protecting the frame from bumps and scratches while adding a useful, grippy texture to the back. Buttons and ports are accessed through holes cut through the case. It won’t solve the camera bump, but it’ll protect your phone from accidental bumps and scratches without adding much bulk to it. Unfortunately though, since it’s so slim the case doesn’t solve the camera bump issue. The FlexiSlim is available in Smoke Black or Matte White.


Flexi Gel Case

$12.45 from the Ausdroid Shop

For me, this is the case of choice. It adds negligible bulk to the device while providing a grippy surface to stop the phone slipping out of your hand. Oddly enough there’s not much to it by way of texture, it’s just the material that adds this grippiness to it. Like the FlexiSlim, it doesn’t solve the camera bump issue but it also protects buttons with raised outdents on its surface to access them (ports and mics are still cutouts). One of the best things about this case for me is that it’s clear, so it doesn’t obscure the Galaxy S6’s looks. Most onlookers haven’t even noticed there’s a case on the phone.

If none of these cases tickle your fancy, you’ll find a variety of other cases – and other accessories – at the Ausdroid Shop.

We also want to hear from you – what kind of case are you using to protect your Galaxy S6? Tell us in the comments!

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Jamie Saltmarsh

Jason, any chance someone could do an article on wireless chargers for the S6 too?

Jamie Saltmarsh

I went for the Otterbox Symmetry as my daily driver after accidently dropping mine onto the road after a few days. It adds a bit of bulk but it’s quite grippy on the sides and you don’t have to worry about dropping it when your out walking/hiking etc. I also have a Spigen capsule case for around the house.

Paul Smedley

I got a Spigen case from ebay, but it’s just thick enough to stop QI charging working consistently 🙁

Walter Dominguez

The other thing that is distinctly missing from the market is cases for the S6 Edge as the protector has to wrap around that curved screen!!!!

Walter Dominguez

Yeah, the Life cases that Telstra shops charge over $100 for.


Have you reviewed waterproof cases for the S6?