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If the array of great games already on offer wasn’t enough to sway you, the fine folks at the Humble Bundle and the awesome guys at Tin Man Games have added two great new titles to the Humble Tin Man Games Mobile Bundle.

The two new titles are in the mid-tier category, meaning you’ll have to pay above the average price – which currently stands at US$6.67 – to have them included in your bundle, or you can just grab the premium $9 bundle tier or $35 T-Shirt tier to get ALL the games on offer. The two titles added today are Zombocalypse Now and Appointment with FEAR.

You can use Amazon checkout, Credit Card, Bitcoin or PayPal to pay for your bundle and as usual your payment can support charities – SpecialEffect and AbleGamers.

Head on over to the Humble Bundle Mobile site to grab the Humble Tin Man Games Mobile Bundle today – and don’t forget to install the Humble Bundle Android App to make accessing your games even easier.