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Google has today begun selling their Android TV set-top box, the Nexus Player, in Australia. You can grab a Nexus Player in-store from JB Hifi and Dick Smith – depending on stock levels – but you can now also place an order for the device through the new Google Store.

The product page is now live and like all the rest of the hardware on the Google Store shipping is free. The Player is shipping in days so you should receive your player in time for the weekend.

While you can’t purchase a Nexus Player Gamepad as yet, Google has added a placeholder page for the controller. The controller will cost an additional $59 when it does actually go on-sale.


If you’re still not sure on whether you should grab a Nexus Player, you can check out our review of the Nexus Player right now.

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Can you use the tv remote for gaming? I’m sure it would be limited because it isn’t designed that way, but it would be nice to have some kind of controller with physical buttons till I got the official controller.

Would there be any way to use my moga controller or ps3 controllers with it?

Is it possible to get an international official controller on eBay etc that will be compatible with the australian nexus player?


Leaning towards the forge. What I would love is an android tv with an aerial input, but apparently watching TV for free is so early 2000’s. If I do buy an android tv device, it’ll have better specs and an ethernet input.


Well people watching live tv (unless its sport) is so early 2000’s.


Anyone else having issues with the store saying it’s not available here yet?

The actual store not available not the product.


yeah, obviously something’s gone wrong in the background


Just picked mine up at jb northland (VIC).
I’ve had a development ADT-1 for months but I needed one for the family room.

Darren Ferguson

They better get that controller on the way soon. Past experience doesn’t give me much confidence though.


For my needs, no game controller at launch, no sale.
So much for wanting to get another seemingly decent Android product.


We must never forget it is all about you hey Jeni. Your comment screams “I want an excuse to say no sale and anything will do”. Why don’t you just say “damn, no controller, I will wait till they release it before I consider buying”.
As usual your comment is negative and judgmental when you probably had no intention of buying.


Steady on mate, careful about comments being “negative and judgmental”.

The original post reads to me as ‘no controller is no good for me – sigh, what is it with nexus launches in Oz’. I don’t see that requiring such a harsh response. There are probably plenty of people who feel the same way.