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The launch of the LG G4 yesterday saw a frenzy of interest in LG’s fourth generation G Series phone. The specs, look and overall hype is at fever pitch but there’s one important piece of information missing from the puzzle: How much and when can we get it?

LG hasn’t announced any details on pricing or availability for the G4, at least here in Australia but we expect to see more information closer to launch. We’ve heard rumours of a June launch, but there’s nothing from LG at this stage so it’s still a guessing game. LG Korea on the other hand isn’t as coy, announcing on their LG Social media site yesterday that the phone is due in 29 days for a price of ₩ 825,000, where it will sell on 180 Mobile Operators around the world.

The pricing is the key here, ₩ 825,000 equates to AU$962.98 converting at AUD$1 to ₩ 856.71. The price will obviously change as $962.98 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but will very likely end up around the $999 price that the Samsung Galaxy S6 launched at, and undercutting the official HTC One M9 RRP of $1099.

This is all speculation at this stage, but with the G4 wowing everyone who handles it, it’s time to start saving those pennies for a launch in the near future.

Source: LG Korea.
Thanks: +Duncan.
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$999 for a Snapdragon 808? Next…


Dan, add in GST on the AU conversion of the Korean price, and it’s $1059.28 AUD

Daniel Tyson

No. Quite frankly Jeni, I believe you are wrong.


Great, the next nexus will no doubt be around that price too then.


Why all the cost hate… Why should this not be same price point as M9/S6?


Because the M9/S6 are also overpriced and why they will also struggle to sell. Dont take my word for it just ask samsung why their profit margins are dropping. And lets not even get started with HTC


Hasn’t stopped Apple from selling 60 million phones in a quarter – they start at $999?.


And only took them how many different new phones in one launch to acheive that? Anything new the fanboys will buy innitially. Lets see how sustained it it.


I think it will be cheaper here. Lg have a big following in korea for obvious reasons so they can afford to be priced similar to Samsung not so here in Australia

vijay alapati

Their price will play a key roles in sales, Look at nexus 5 being hit not just because it runs stock, Also because its very affordable. looking forward to LG official pricing


Not a hope in hell. Nice phone but not worth that type of money. The days of the smart phone being updated annually are over. There are no longer any massive leaps in power and functionality any more, sure it is a nice camera but apart from that your last year or the year before phone is going to do the same thing as the latest one does, there is no longer any need to upgrade every year. As it stands the Chinese phones won’t take long to take over the market with their ability to produce a quality phone… Read more »


Yep exactly. And if phones like the Xiaomi Mi4i get released here (or at the very least made easy to grey-import from Hongkers) then flagships are likely to struggle sales wise. Like always though, flagships get a window of ~6 months of “status sell”.


These companies must think we are rolling in it if they think we are going to pay 1K for a phone. Does it make coffee too?



These are $600-700 phones, tops. There just isn’t enough markedly better about them than the phones you paid $450-500 to justify silly money.