Sony Electronic mobile division has a forecast loss of ¥39 billion (AU$413 Million) across the last fiscal period, a sharp decline on their operating profit of AU$720 million in Q4 of 2014. The financial results posted on Sonys website continued the bad news with some reasonably dire predictions; expecting handset sales to decrease year on year.

Mobile Communications
Sales are expected to decrease year-on-year due to a reduction in mid-range smartphone unit sales in an effort to
improve the profit structure of the segment. Operating loss is expected to decrease year-on-year primarily due to
the absence of the 176.0 billion yen impairment of goodwill recorded in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, an
improvement in product mix, and a decrease in costs due to the benefit of restructuring.

Other divisions of the electronics manufacturing giant are financially in the black and with the pending release of the Xperia Z4 the fortunes of Sony may turn the corner quite rapidly if they really deliver on their upcoming flagship.

Note The original version of this post had a currency conversion error. It has since been adjusted to reflect the correct conversion.

Source: Sony.
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Jason Murray

Thanks everyone for the calm and considered responses regarding currency conversion.

As I’m sure you all know, Ausdroid is staffed by volunteers who all have full time jobs yet still manage to get the news to you mostly around the clock, as it happens. It was an unfortunate error and we’re grateful for all the kind comments made in the interim and the patience you’ve shown in helping correct the error.

Phil Tann

Got caught out on currency conversion: Googled ¥39 billion AUD conversion which as has been pointed out detected as Yuan not Yen and the article has been corrected.


> Why do you believe Sony’s mobile division is suffering such poor results?

They have no presence in the two largest mobile markets in the world, US and China.


How on earth can Sony Electronic lose A$7.85 billion over the last year and still remain in business?

I wouldn’t be buying any Sony products soon, as the company surely won’t be in the mobile business in six months time with disastrous results such as this.

Jorge Imperial

They lost 400 million AUD. Try converting Japanese Yen to AUD on any currency converter. We are roughly 100 Yen to 1 AUD.

Pointed out below is that it would be 7.85 billion AUD if it was 39 Billion Chinese Yuan, not Japanese Yen .

Jorge Imperial

39 billion yen equals 7.85 billion AUD? WHAT? What decade are you guys in? Type “convert 39 yen to aud” into Google right now …. You’ll find that 39 billion yen is around 400 million or 0.4 billion. Also it takes 10 seconds to fact check your articles, please do this some more.


I just typed ” ¥39 billion in Aus” in to the G and it returned $7948956246.07 Australian Dollar

Jorge Imperial

Well this is Ausdroid, you would hope they would know how to use web services and to fact check their articles before publishing. This article still has not been corrected.

vijay alapati

haha +1


In the post S6 and G4 world what chance have they got still using a 2 year old, no OIS sensor in their 2015 line?