Vodafone Australia continue their push to regain market share by increasing the bang for buck that clients are getting. Vodafone have doubled the data available on selected (SIM only) plans on the network. Vodafone’s Director of Sales, Ben McIntosh, said the company’s double data offer is timely;

“As streaming mobile entertainment becomes increasingly popular, and more of us take advantage of fast 4G speeds, Vodafone is upping the ante and giving Australians a better data deal when they need it most

McIntosh commented further that not only are Vodafone offering extra data, but subscriptions to premium services such as Spotify, Stan and news services such as The Age,Sydney Morning Herald online. When you add the $5 roaming while overseas which (while not as cheap as a pre-paid SIM in many countries) has the convenience of being able to be contacted on an Australian number and using your own data the Vodafone Red Plans are a very attractive offer.

24 month plans – double data for the duration of the contract.

  • $50 Red plan (sim only) was 4GB, now 8GB
  • $65 Red plan (sim only) was 6GB, now 12GB
  • $80 Red plan was 4GB, now 8GB
  • $100 Red plan was 6GB, now 12GB
  • $130 Red Business/Business Grow was 10GB, now 20GB

Month-to-month plans

  • $60 Red SIM Only plan was 4GB, now 8GB
  • $80 Red SIM Only plan was 6GB, now 12GB

12 month SIM Only plans –Business (Red Business/ Red Business Grow)

  • $60 Red SIM Only plan was 4GB, now 8GB
  • $80 Red SIM Only plan was 6GB, now 12GB

The increased data allowance follows the other big carriers; Telstra who increased their data allowance whilst adding a 6 month subscription to Presto and Optus who added 1GB bonus data for new SIM only customers in January. It seems the carriers are starting to see that customers want more for their dollar before they commit to a long term relationship.

With competitive pricing, generous data allowances and premium subscription for clients: What will Vodafone need to deliver a knockout blow to their competitors?

Source: Vodafone.
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If they don’t offer this to existing customers then shame on them. Imagine this – a new customer to Vodafone on an $80 plan get TWICE the data allowance that a current loyal Vodafone customer gets on an $80 plan …. not a little increase but TWICE as much … which means if you are a loyal customer you pay twice as much for data than a new customer will … keeping in mind that providing that data doesn’t cost any more to Vodafone, they have the capacity and the infrastructure to do it. They are not focused on the… Read more »


Do you know if existing customers get this? Probably not seeing as my Red plan gets less than you quoted above for existing anyway 🙁


The indication in the press release is that this may be for new (or re-contracted) plans only: “Available online and in store, Vodafone is offering double the usual data allowance for use in Australia on a range of month-to-month, 12 and 24 month Red plans for consumers and business for up to 24 months.”

If you’re on an existing MTM plan, it might be worth speaking to Vodafone to see if you can take advantage of these new plans. If you’re on an existing minimum-term contract, I don’t like your chances.

Matthew Wilson

So when does this come into effect? I can’t find any info about this on Voda’s website.

Nikita Hutten

Double data is available now, contact me and I can help you out 🙂

vijay alapati

Hope Telstra is watching this post