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Earlier this week, LG released their all-metal Android Wear watch to Google Play in a number of markets around the world, including Australia. The watch though functionally similar to their previous models under the hood, has a premium all-metal body which also carries a premium price-tag. To herald the release, LG has released a new app for the Urbane to enable remote phone call functions called LG Call for Android Wear.

The app will apparently initiate calls on your phone from your wrist, with the description for the app promising that you can ‘Make a call on your wrist without pulling out a phone’, though it doesn’t say how you hear what’s being said on the call. Additional features for the app include the ability to see a wide range of call information on your wrist, including

  • RECENT CALL: Shows the list of recent call history & Make a call when touch
  • FAVORITE CONTACT: Shows favorite contact & Make a call when touch
  • DIAL PAD: Shows dial pad & Make a call when touch
  • Modern & Stylish user interface

The Urbane is selling for $459 on the new Google Store, and we’re hoping to get a review unit of the stylish looking watch shortly, so we can give this app a go. In the meantime, if you have a G Watch or G Watch R you can only look on enviously for now, perhaps we’ll see more advancements in this area for those models soon.

Source: Google Play.