Android Studio 1.2

Android Studio, the IDE that was announced at Google I/O last year, has come a long way since, and Google has now now moved version 1.2 to their stable channel. There’s a lot of changes that have made their way from Beta to Stable with the version upgrade which include:

  • A new debugger which shows variable values inline in the editor, can decompile libraries you don’t have source code for, and can generate a list of objects referring to a selected object
  • Distraction free mode
  • Simultaneous tag editing (where you can edit open and closing tags simultaneously)
  • Editor enhancements like multiple selections, smart backspace indent, and automatic indentation detection for the current file
  • New and improved refactoring operations
  • Annotation inference, scratch files, improved Gradle support, improved diff view, high-density monitor support, and many more features

The release is now available for all users of Android Studio, and users will be prompted to update when they next start up the software. It’s fantastic to see Google continuing to improve the facilities and tools available to developers which can only improve user experience in the long run.

Have you delved into Android Studio, or did you stick with Eclipse for your IDE needs?

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    now that it supports 4K monitors on windows … I might actually give it a try


    Or indeed Emacs