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The LG G4 is probably the hottest property not yet on the market right now. The phone has great buzz from what is by all accounts an excellent camera, a really nice stylish leather rear option and a buttery smooth user interface. At this stage, LG hasn’t officially announced – we might have something later – a date on when the phone will be released, nor a price, but grey-importer Yatango Shopping does, this morning adding pre-order pricing for the LG G4.

Yatango is offering a pretty decent member price for the G4 with a Gold or Grey back cover, as well as with a lovely Brown leather rear. The standard Grey/Gold option will cost $849.95 ($979.95 non-member) or $899.95 ($1034.95 non-member) for the Brown leather option. A timely reminder that Yatango Shopping membership is free to gain and includes free shipping, so there’s no reason to pay non-member pricing.

Now, interestingly, Yatango has placed a spec listing on their site which includes all the usual 2G/3G bands (they’re fine for Australia), as well as the 4G bands which we’re much more interested in. The LTE bands listed are :
4G/LTE 800, 4G/LTE 900, 4G/LTE 1800, 4G/LTE 2100, 4G/LTE 2600 – which unfortunately doesn’t include the Band 28 (700MHz) network being rolled out for Optus and Telsta customers. The phone will definitely work on the broadly available 1800MHz network used by all three carriers, so there’s no issues there, but it’s something to bear in mind while waiting to see if the Australian model being released here will carry Band 28 LTE support.

There’s no eta from Yatango at this stage, who simply advise they will update the website as soon as they know anything. If you’ve decided that the LG G4 is your ‘Next’, then head over to Yatango and check it out.

Source: Yatango Shopping.
Thanks: +Duncan Jaffrey.
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David Watt

Never been a fan of the Galaxy range – have used HTC flagships for the last 10 years. My M8 busted on the weekend. M9 isn’t good enough for 2015. I now have to wait a month for the G4 to come out. This WILL be my next device. I want it ASAP, but am torn as I would rather wait for the 700MHz band if there’s going to be a compatible model. The LG AU website doesn’t say. http://www.lg.com/au/smartphones/lg-LGH815 Oh I agree with Chris, the “no competition” comment is just so far from being true. Personally I’d say the… Read more »


When this phone was announced I wasn’t impressed at all but the more I read about the phone the better it gets. Really keen to see battery life tests as its the most important part of a phone for me


After having the original Galaxy right through to the S5 and Galaxy note 4, I will be looking at LG G4


S6/S6 Edge vs LG G4, no comp, s6 wins. Some pros: – Gear Vr Compatibility (Where is LG’s VR, oh yeah they want you to strap a cardboard to your face) – LGG4 Back camera might be a bit better – s6 edge unique – higher ppi vs lg’s vivid more colour screen or whatever they call it – front camera lg:8mp 1080p vs s6:5mp 1440p, evens out – exynos beats snapdragon easy, if its not feeling snappy enough go custom firmware or wait for an update – build quality on s6 impressive, lgg4 leather thats nice to, kills some… Read more »


Not sure that I’d agree with all that reasoning. LG G4 camera isn’t a ‘might be better’. It ‘is’ better, if by better you mean it takes better quality photos in a greater range of environments and lighting, and offers more finer-grained, manual controls. Exynos and Snapdragon are not as different as you think, and having used both the S6 and G4, the screens are probably about the same, though LG’s is brighter, and the colours pop more. S6 build quality is pretty damned good, but it’s a sealed unit; G4 allows you to open the back, swap the back,… Read more »


Another plus with a replaceable battery is you can install a larger capacity battery if one is made. Recall the high capacity battery and wireless charging back by Mugen Power for the G3.


Can you guys as Ausdroid do a Galaxy S6 vs G4 comparison? And by that I dont mean a ‘S6 has X processor, G4 has Y processor’ or any of that boring crap, but I’m after more of your personal opinions on the screens, the cameras, the performance etc. Want to know what you guys personally like or dislike about both phones and if you want, which of the two you’d buy of you had to drop money on one. I like reading your stuff and I trust your opinions a lot, so it would be great if you could… Read more »


Based on first impressions alone, I’d go with the G4.

The S6 is a very, very solid performer, but the camera performance on the G4 is amazing. We’re publishing the S6 review in a day or two, and you can compare that against my G4 first impressions. Sadly I haven’t had enough time with it to go much deeper into it (yet).


Awesome. Thanks for the impressions. I’m probably going to get the G4 so I’ll be reading up a lot on it. Always like Ausdroid’s pieces.

Looking forward to the S6 review and G4 review down the track.


Im intrigued, despite the build quality of the S6 and the well documented impressive exynos processor, the class leading camera so far. You think the G4 will be overall a better device. I have the G3 since i was not impressed by the S5 but the Sammy has definitely stepped up to Apple’s iphone 6 with the S6. Just waiting for the reviews before I commit to selling G3.


I’m reading a LOT of media people who have had hands on with the G4 being very impressed with it, stating it could be device of the year. The thing I’m hearing the most is that the camera is amazing. At least as good as the S6 if not better. The screen is an even better version of the G3 screen, the device is supposed to be super quick and snappy and the software is improved on the G3. I’m just waiting on battery life reports (which is what is killing the GS6 for me). Hopefully they battery is good… Read more »


For possible wrong with the G4, before the real world testing by reviewers is is done and published, some people are complaining about the lack of Qi charging and fast charging on the G4.


Lack of Qi is a footnote, but it’s readily-enough addressed; if Qi is a must you can either buy a Qi cover, or a Qi slip-in card which will work with any case.


For me, it’s pretty much a non-issue. No way I can afford a G4, having bought my G3 about 6 weeks ago.
I was merely reporting on one point of complaint that others had noted with the G4, _before_ the more extensive real world use reviews had been able to be done.


What I meant by fault was something that was actually ‘wrong’ with the phone – bad screen, poor camera, bad battery life, sluggish/choppy performance etc. I personally wouldn’t consider no wireless charging out of the box or not-as-fast fast charging to be a legitimate flaw with the handset.

But you’re right, for those who really want fast charging and wireless charging out of the box, the G4 doesn’t have it, so I guess it could be a drawback for them.

Still though, the phone looks like it’s one of 2015’s best.


I like the S6, and I like it quite a lot. However, having used both (admittedly, the G4 not for as long), the G4 is probably the S6’s equal at the very least. The camera is better, and the performance is snappier. People seem a bit more hesitant to go with LG as a brand, but imho, that reluctance really isn’t based on reason anymore. The G4 is a brilliant handset, and if you have (and like) the G3, the G4 is a worthy upgrade.

vijay alapati

I ordered a PU leather back for note 4 from Ebay @ $8 which will replace the current plastic back.
NOTE: i know PU leather is not genuine leather, but still even the leather will start pealing off like what we saw on moto x