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Being able to track your pizza on your Chromecast or Android Wear is cool, but it’s an estimated delivery time at best. Dominos is looking at giving you a more accurate track of your pizza order, by tracking your pizza all the way to your door.

Partnering with Navman for the GPS technology behind tracking drivers, the improved tracking is has dual-benefits, allowing you to track your pizza, but it’s also a way to improve driver safety, with Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij saying that in the 50 locations they’ve been trialling the technology, they saw a reduction in driver incidents by up to 50%.

The tracking has been in trial at 50 Domino’s stores across Australia, which Domino’s say should lead to ‘the delivery of faster, fresher and hotter pizzas, convenience and a unique customer engagement with their pizza delivery driver’. Part of the unique experience is the ability to see more about your driver than just their current location, with other information like the music they like and their favourite sport team showing on-screen.

Dominos say that the national rollout of GPS Driver Tracker will begin in all stores across Australia and New Zealand on the 13th of July.

Source: Dominos.
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    Darren Ferguson

    Hmmm, I wouldn’t really like this as a driver. I used to work for a non chain pizza place.

    Why did you deliver to another house before me? They ordered first.
    Why did you drive past my house 3 times? Because no one in your street things house numbers should be displayed.
    Why did you stop at X street? Because the GPS/maps was wrong and I had to find another route.


    They shouldn’t be taking doubles anymore…

    David Mcmillan

    Could be abused looks dangerous to me


    Not sure if that is going to entirely prevent your order from getting delivered somewhere else. Might reduce the chances somewhat, but.


    It will be good, if the pizza companies make Android apps which work correctly in taking an order and managing payment of it. Being able to see the delivery of your pizza in real time, is chrome and bells and whistles, on the basic job the app needs to do. Reading the reviews, the track records for the apps here in Australia, to date in doing the basic job, have not been good. What I am seeing with the three promo pics in this article is this will be an iOS app, which will merely be ported to Android, and… Read more »


    More than likely it’s going to be a web-app that is displayed in iOS/Android. That’s how I’d do it on a tight budget (which they probably are).