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Google+ can be a great social media site, it’s nowhere near the size of other sites in terms of engagement as other platforms, but it’s a pretty good place to be. For the past year or more, Google had let Google+ simply be, there weren’t any real features added, in fact some were on their way to being separated out – but that ends today with Collections.

Collections is a way for you to group your Google+ posts by topics. You create a stream within your stream based on the content you’re adding. Users on Google+ can then either choose to follow your entire stream, or opt to choose to follow that one aspect of your posts on Google+.

If you’ve heard of this before, then you may be a Pinterest user, as they’ve been doing this for a while, but a good idea is always worth borrowing.


Collections will act like their own separate stream, you’ll have a cover image you can create but they’ll be indelibly linked to you. The collections appear as a tab on your Google+ page, and they’ll appear in your stream with a link to quickly jump to the collection they’ve been linked to.

You can set permissions on who they’re visible to, so you can share a collection with just a select circle or circles, or just make it a public collection.

Collections is – mostly – available now to get going, head over to the Collections page and start your first collection. Collections is available on Android and the web, with iOS support coming later, you’ll need to update your Google+ app to access it on Android though. If you want to read up more on it, check out the support page.

Source: Google+.