Google’s major addition this morning is obviously Collections, but there’s another minor change that’s going to affect those users in the Google Local Guides program.

In a bit of a surprise move, Google has announced via a post on the +Google Local Guides stream, that Google Local is being removed from the Nav Bar. The change won’t remove reviews it just makes them a little more inaccessible, you’ll have to go to your profile now and then find the ‘Reviews’ section to see where you’ve left a review.

LG_gifs_howToReview_gplus_US_0212a (2)

It’s a bit of a step back in terms of finding stuff, but Google seems to be selling it as a ‘feature’, advising ‘We look forward to rolling out more features and improvements based on your feedback in the future’. So perhaps the Tablescape app we saw for reviewing local places could be about to launch.

We’ll soon find out, but for now you can still find your reviews and of course add new ones through Google Maps.

How many Google+ reviews have you made?

Source: +Google Local Guides.