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HTC’s current flagship the One M9 has been a little forgotten of late, but it really shouldn’t be. It’s a beautifully designed handset which has a smooth, fluid version of Android running on it, and quite a few great features. To show off some of those features, HTC has released a series of videos to show them off and talk a little more about them.

The videos concentrate on some of the ‘Big’ features: HTC Connect, the BoomSound front-facing speakers, their Sense Home widget and the camera which has of course been bumped to a 20MP rear camera, with the famous Ultra-Pixel camera now moved to the front.

The camera video, called ‘HTC One M9 – Stunning detail and better low-light selfies’ starts with the Ultra-Pixel camera. This prominent placing shows that this is still tech they believe in – and rightly so, it takes a wonderful photo, especially in low-light and is well suited to the front-facing camera role. There’s also a look at the rear camera, but it’s fairly brief.

If you’ve tried out Aviate, Z launcher or any of the other contextual launchers currently out there, you’ll be pretty familiar with what the new HTC Sense Home widget is trying to achieve, with the ‘HTC One M9 – HTC Sense Home’ video, it shows it off in a little more depth. It also gives a look at the awesome new easy theming engine they’ve built into HTC Sense.

With the new BoomSound on the One M9, you get Dolby Audio surround sound that actually sounds like it’s working. The One M9 has great big loud sound, which has been paired with a clarity not found on other offerings on the market. The HTC BoomSound is a great benefit if you ever need to pump out some tunes from your phone – see them in action in this video.

Finally, is the HTC Connect promo. I’ll admit I wasn’t terribly sold on Connect as it doesn’t fit in with my Google Cast enabled entertainment setup. But it does connect in with DLNA enabled players and speakers so it works with a lot of equipment you own and you’ll quickly be casting your audio and video with the three-finger swipe gesture in no time.

HTC has a great phone on their hands with the One M9. It’s a really smooth running handset, which can’t be said for some other flagships at the moment. If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to get into a store and get some hands-on time with a HTC One M9.

Source: HTC YouTube.
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I’d love to see someone from HTC take a detailed picture of the moon with an M9. I guess a little fantasy doesn’t hurt when advertising.


Just receive a 350 MB system update on my M9, any idea what it was? I cant find a change log for it.