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The fine folks over at the Humble Bundle have added a new bundle for mobile users with the Humble Mobile Bundle 12. The latest bundle gives six games, with three available for whatever you want to pay.

The three games available for whatever you want to pay are Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous, Spaceteam (Premium), and The Last Express, with an option to pay above the average – which stands at US$3.83 at the moment – to get three more games which include: Monument Valley, Blek, and Joe Danger.

The usual payment options through Bitcoin, Amazon, PayPal and Credit Card are there and you can split your payment between the Humble Bundle team, the developers and two charities, which this time around are the EFF and Worldreader.

Head over to the Humble Bundle Mobile website to check out the games, and grab your bundle.

Source: Humble Bundle.