Exactly what Google will announce at their developer conference later this month is anyones guess, but it’s sure to be exciting. According to paywall site The Information, one possibility is that Google will announce a way for developers to A/B test their Play Store listings to see which perform better.

The plan would allow developers to gauge which listing type brought more installs, or ‘conversions’ from people looking at the listing to actually installing/purchasing the app. The actual A/B conversions they’re talking about could be a whether a user installs with a different description, different price ($0.99 vs $1.99 etc) or even with different icons or preview videos on the listing.

At the Google I/O conference, scheduled for the end of May in San Francisco, the company is expected to announce several new features for its Google Play mobile app store. Among them: letting developers test different versions of their apps’ profile page on the store (the page from which people can click to install the app on their phone), according to developers who were told about the plans.

Ausdroid will be live on the ground at Google I/O where the announcements will be made and we’ll be checking all this out as the announcements are made. Stay Tuned, it’s going to be a big month.

Source: The Information (PayWall).
Via: 9to5Google.