LG Watch Urbane
Time for your regular dose of electronic tear-down porn, with the team at iFixit getting their hands on LG’s latest Android Wear watch and tearing it to pieces.

The team at iFixit has previously torn down the original G Watch, but hasn’t looked at the G Watch R for a teardown, so it’s time to tear down a round LG Watch. The good news for owners is that the watch scores pretty highly in the repairability stakes, with easy to access components and battery. Band swaps are obviously fairly easy, though the standard straps look pretty good.

The bad news is that the watch has a glued back that requires a heat gun to soften and remove, as well as an adhesive to re-seal it. Also a down-side is the screen which is adhered to the glass making screen replacement difficult, with adhesive also required to re-assemble.

Overall, the LG Urbane scores a 7 out of 10, slightly lower than its predecessor the G Watch, which scored 9 out of 10. The Urbane is still looking like one of the more stylish Android Wear watches, with the circular design obviously a winner in the aesthetic stakes. For a closer look at the teardown, head over to iFixit for a look.

Source: iFixit.
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