Poorly Scripted! As many bugs as all other survival games! These are the selling points of the new official addition to the Goat Simulator universe – Goat Simulator GoatZ, a Zombie version of Goat Simulator.

The selling points are obviously taking a pot-shot as continual beta game DayZ, but with the current craze surrounding zombies, is it any wonder that Coffee Stain Studios has cashed in with a zombie version of Goat Simulator? The game is essentially a zombie verison of the first game, with the goat able to use any number of weapons, vehicles and more. There’s a whole heap of features – many of them bugs – and a large map to explore.

The official Play Store listing has the features, which include :

  • Official new app from the idiots that brought you Goat Simulator
  • Mandatory crafting system – Craft anything in the world, as long as it’s one of the half dozen weapons in the game.
  • Zombies, zombies everywhere because this is a zombie game, remember?
  • A pretty big map with some stuff on it.
  • Fully fledged survival mode where you have to eat every five minutes to survive, just like your grandmother.
  • Turn humans into Zombies and loot some crates. Just like your grandmother.
  • Also a casual mode for people who don’t like feeding their goat every five minutes
  • Tons of new unlockable goats with special powers – shrink people’s heads, hang glide, wreak havoc, spit and be a goat. For real.

Goat Simulator GoatZ is available now for $6.49, while the original Goat Simulator has dropped in price down to $2.49 – possibly to celebrate the launch of the new official addition. The game looks like it’s buckets of fun, just like the original, so get on over and check it out.

Goat Simulator GoatZ
Goat Simulator GoatZ
Source: Google Play.
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    I can see this going horribly wrong if people start googling goatse (don’t do it).


    Thanks for reminding me about these games.
    Purchased both and installed on my G3