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When rumours first emerged touting Huawei as manufacturer of the next Nexus device we all assumed that it would be the Nexus 7 that Huawei would be making. Barely a month went by when we had “confirmation” from a Chinese analyst that Huawei was in fact working with Google on a Nexus device.

Today, another Chinese analyst with connections, has added further fuel to the Huawei Nexus fire. According to gforgames the Chinese analyst, Pan Jiutang, has said that the Huawei Nexus phone is indeed a real thing. It will apparently be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 (hopefully sans any heating issues) and will sport a 5.7in display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.

With Google IO around the corner the rumours of Nexus phones keep getting stronger. Makes you wonder if we will see anything announced at Google IO. It shapes up as an interesting month for Nexus fans with Huawei definitely making some quality devices lately. Anyone else excited by another Nexus phone so soon? Or do you think we will have to wait until the end of the year for all to be revealed?

Source: g for games.
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Darren Ferguson

Pretty strong rumours about the manufacturers have been wrong in the past so I’m not taking this as solid news yet. Although I expect this time the phone will actually be made by someone. That second Nexus10 never appeared.


Hope it has front facing speakers, otherwise I’ll wait and see if I can get the nexus 6 on sale or something. I really want my next phablet to have front facing speakers 🙂


Well, I hope it sells in China.
Me? Maybe 2015-2016 will be a G4.


Big battery and I’m there!!!


Google I/O 2015 insider says Huawei 5’7 Snapdragon 820 with nano USB Type-C top and bottom,

which carries power, audio, and video, so essentially it could become earphone plug, power plug, and external screen plug all in one.


Why on earth would google go for another phablet? There’s a reason why the Nexus 6 hasn’t really sold and people still look fondly on the Nexus 5.

If they really have to do this, can’t we have two differently sized nexuses with the same guts otherwise? 5″ is the sweetspot.

Oh, and get that price back under control.Under $500 is a must.

Assuming it’s based on the P8 it will look nice, but there would be lots of work to do to get the software fixed, the battery lasting longer, etc.


Price was the issue with the nexus 6 more so than size. If it was priced at $449, it would having some like hotcakes.


I’ll be very surprised (and disappointed) if the next Nexus phone uses an S810. And if the screen is above 5.5 inch it’s a deal break.

Manley Evangelista

Read: Huawei

That’s already a deal breaker for me.

Dennis Bareis

Bit small 🙂 but I’m interested. if it had a huge battery and an eInk screen on the back that would be perfect…

My Nexus 5 looks tiny now….

Michael Manning

I really hope this is true. Huawei have really hit the international Android scene in the last 12 months, and as a recent Mate7 full time user, I think they are making awesome devices!

@Pumpino you’re right about the size jump, but I have to say (personally) after two days with the Mate 7 I could never go back to the N5 and I barely even notice the size now


5.7″? Arggg. 5-5.5″ is the sweet spot for most users. Even 5.5″ can be too big. The OPO was too big for me, but the G3 is absolutely perfect, due to having no bezels. I think many of the original N5 owners would find this too much of a jump in screen size.


Yeah 5.5″ looks like a pretty good sweet spot, unless Huawei can have VERY slim bezels.

I’ll probably be getting a G4, sans some catastrophic reviews, bit the new Nexus always has me interested. I’d consider it as long as they don’t charge the BS pricing they did with the Nexus 6, but I doubt that will happen.


Have to agree, the Note 4 and iphone 6 plus were too large for me – only bought the G3 because it had a 5.5″ screen and could comfortable fit in jeans and I got the 32G model for $500, no brainer. But I like the P8 too bad it falls short in some key areas, but its a good phone. I will be looking at replacing the G3 later this year – should be interesting.

Nexus 7?, its naming convention is a problem – surely it wont be based on the P8 Max?.


Since the Nexus 4 & 7 were released the naming convention have been about screen size not sequence, hence there being two 7s, no 8, and then a nine.

That’s why so many are hoping for a Nexus 5 (2015) – including me.