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Chop Twice for flashlight

Motorola has begun its rollout of Android 5.1 to the Moto X Gen 2, and they’ve included a new gesture feature which is, frankly, pretty handy. You can shake your phone twice as shown above, to activate the flashlight. I know, it seems a bit odd, but think about it; no fumbling around unlocking the screen and finding the shortcut to turn the light on, just shake your phone and its done!

The rollout, which began with a soak-test in Brazil a little while ago, is spreading more widely, and should be available to Australian users soon, and sooner still if your handset was purchased outright (and not carrier-branded).  Being Android 5.1, it includes plenty of stability enhancements and bug squashings, but Moto is never content to just squash bugs.

Moto Action, which provides the gesture controls, now offers a heap of gestures you can use. You can already twist twice to launch the camera, wave once to silence an incoming call, and pass your hand over the screen to activate the display to see what’s happening. Now, with a double-chop action, you can turn the flashlight on and off.

If you’ve got a Moto x (2nd Gen) keep an eye out and let us know when the update arrives!

Source: Moto Blog.

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