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Google’s accessibility team has released two new Chrome extension attempting to make the browser easier to use for everyone. The two Chrome extensions: Color Enhancer and Animation Policy, offer granular controls for controlling animations and colour filters for websites.

The extensions which were shown off by Google Chrome advocate François Beaufort on Google+ are now available to download from the Chrome Web Store. The first extension announced, Animation Policy, once installed allows you to control from a drop down menu whether animations are enabled, allowed to run once, or disabled completely. The Chrome extension doesn’t allow you to control the animations on a per-website basis, instead applying the policy across all sites loaded in the browser.

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Color Enhancer is aimed at people who are colour blind, gives users ‘a customizable color filter you can apply to all webpages in order to improve color perception’. Once installed, you can select a colour profile which makes it easier for users to read the text, or graphics on a website based on the choices made in the settings.

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Both extensions are available to be installed now from Google’s Chrome Webstore.

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