SEGA has announced overnight, that it will be removing a number of games that it has determined from a recently evaluated audit that “no longer meet our standards.”

SEGA haven’t confirmed which games it plans to take down, but confirmed they will start to be removed from Google Play, as well as from the Amazon and Samsung app stores within the next few weeks. But, in an interesting twist, the company has offered hope that they could return in some kind of updated version.

But if your already purchased game is removed, SEGA advised this won’t affect your ability to play the game, adding:

If you have already purchased a game that is being removed from the store you will be able to continue to play it after it’s been taken down. It will remain in your purchased apps where you will be able to download it again if you delete it or acquire a new device until the game becomes incompatible with the latest phone operating systems or hardware.

Hopefully SEGA will release a list of the apps that will be removed or at least updated but we will be keeping an eye out on Google Play to see what games are or have been removed.

Source: SEGA Blog.
Via: Android Central.
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    If they are going to release them again, why not just leave them there until they do that?

    Alex Dennis

    Thats one of the best questions and the million dollar question. Will have to wait and see what SEGA does


    Why get one payment for them, when you can get payment for the original AND the ‘revised’ versions?