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Rumours surrounding the death of the SD – or microSD card more importantly – have been greatly exaggerated. Sure Samsung decided not to use one this time around in their flagship, but LG, HTC, Huawei and many more still offer expandable memory – so how would you like an extra 64GB for a great price? Shopping Square can help you out.

Shopping Square have a sale on their Toshiba Class 10 microSD cards, with the 64GB model costing a low $29.95 + Shipping. Shipping isn’t all that expensive either with Shopping Square estimating a fairly reasonable $3.95 extra to get it to my door. If you’re not ready for 64GB, you can choose to grab a 16GB($6.95), or 32GB($16.95) card instead.

Head over to Shopping Square if you want to grab one – but be warned, Shopping Square have an estimated shipping time of 2-4 weeks + handling time. So, it’s cheap but you might have to wait a bit.

Source: Shopping Square.
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    The price without p&h is barely under half the price I paid for the 64Gb Kingston class 10 card for my G3.
    $60 at the IT Shop, Westfield Garden City, Mt Gravatt


    Are you saying $60 is good? Or you got ripped off?


    Saying that the $60 was a good deal, in comparison to the standard retail that etailer quoted in the ad for a slow class 10 64Gb card, $109.95

    Saying that the savings described don’t shine so much when you can buy, bricks and mortar retail, for about half the online regular price.

    Shopping Square regular price in the ad, $109.95 + $3.95 P&H = $113.90

    IT Shop $60

    Shopping Square special price, $31.95 + $3.95 P&H = $35.90

    Shopping Square extra special price, $29.95 + $3.95 P&H = $33.90


    I definitely agree with you; if the price was still $109.95.
    But it’s not, and that’s why Daniel’s posted the article I guess.