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Good news everyone! You can now get more bang for your buck over at the Humble Mobile Bundle, with the latest bundle updated with two new games.

The now week old Humble Bundle has had two additional games added taking the total amount of games to eight. As usual, the additional games are in the premium tier which is available to people who pay above the average price which at the moment stands at US$3.88. The new games: Groundskeeper 2 and Highrise Word Heroes (Premium) are now up for grabs, in addition to Monument Valley, Blek, and Joe Danger in the premium tier and Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous, Spaceteam (Premium), and The Last Express in the pay what you want tier.

You will be able to support the EFF and Worldreader charities as part of your payment if you purchase the Humble Bundle with your payment split between them, as well as the developers and the Humble Bundle team.

If you want some great games, head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle Website and grab your games now – and don’t forget to grab the Humble Bundle Android app to make accessing your games that much easier.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.