LG G4 Leather w Camera
LG has been pushing the photography capabilities of the recently announced G4. The spruiking of the quality of the camera began with details on the sensor they would use in the lead up to launch, and was continued in a video made with photographer Colby Brown – who spoke about using the camera. Now Mr Brown has returned in a new video for LG, promising to help make you a better photographer with a video titled ‘5 key ways to take great pictures’.

The video really focuses on the hardware benefits of the camera module on the G4, which includes OIS 2.0, so naturally the low-light photos will be fantastic. The G4 should also be delivering some excellent noise reduction and colour reproduction in photos as well, but if you want to get some help taking some great photos on your new G4, then check out the video.

Source: LG.
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I’d love LG’s new camera in a phone sized phone. Something the size of my Nexus 5 or a tad smaller would be awesome.


I’m sold on the phone… now it just needs to be released.
a worthy upgrade to my nexus 5


The tips would be useful if LG had released the phone here….

Let’s go LG. We’re waiting.