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The Moto 360 is very close to a year old, with the watch first showing up in the public domain at Google I/O last year. We know that Motorola is working on a second-gen Moto 360 and it may be close to launch according to an entry in the Bluetooth certification bodies database.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), has an entry in their database submitted on May 11th, for a ‘Motorola Android Device’ with Bluetooth 4.1. The device would normally escape interest among the hundreds of Bluetooth devices up for certification, except for the model #: BTMW03 – which is most likely a follow up to the Moto 360 model # BTMW01.

Whether this IS the Moto 360 v2.0 or not we’ll soon find out, Motorola will most likely launch the watch around the same time as the original or if this listing is correct – maybe even earlier.

Source: Bluetooth SIG.
Via: Droid-life.
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Roland Bechtel

bigger battery, more efficient processor, Less obvious flat tire. 1.5 to 2.0 day battery life. This tech reminds me of my first smart phone. I love it though. Good job Lenovo.


Hopefully they’ve corrected the flaws with the original, gen 2 of any device is always when they become proper consumer devices


I pretty much believe the leaked photos from a little while back. Probably still going to the ambient light sensor if that’s what you are referring to.


Processor, average screen, average battery life are all areas where gen 2 can improve


bring it on!!!


The time from announcement to release for the Moto 360 was huge so let’s hope this next one is out the door quicker