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Virgin Mobile has announced a number of new bonus data inclusions taking effect on selected plans from tomorrow, 14 May 2015. The bonus data will come in addition to Virgin’s already popular ‘data rollover’ feature which allows customers to take their unused data from one month and have a go at using it in the month following.

Up to 6GB of extra data will be available to new or re-contracting Virgin Mobile customers, as shown in the table below:

Voice/Text Value Plan Data Bonus Data – Retail Bonus Data – Online
$80 plan / 24 months Unlimited + $300 international calls 4 GB 4 GB 5 GB
$100 plan / 24 months Unlimited + $300 international calls 6 GB 6 GB 7 GB
$60 sim-only Unlimited + $300 international calls 5 GB 4 GB
$100 sim-only Unlimited + $300 international calls 7 GB 6 GB

To compete with Vodafone’s recent data offer, Virgin is making its data offer available to all customers who’ve signed up since 14 April, and it will remain available to signups until 30 June 2015.

Further details of the new plans will be made available on Virgin Mobile’s website tomorrow.

Source: Virgin Mobile.
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It’d be nice if they offered a $40 SIM only plan with 3GB or 4GB of data. Plans all seem to be expensive with lots of data, or cheap with little.


Would be nice if they gave extra data to pre-paid customers – particularly those ones that have also been with them for a long time.