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Asus CEO, Jerry Shen, has revealed that the company’s second-generation ZenWatch will begin hitting stores in the early third quarter as planned whilst stating that earlier reports of a delayed announcement of the 2nd Generation ZenWatch was a ‘misunderstanding.’

At the earnings conference, Shen said the launch timetable for the 2nd generation smartwatch “remains unchanged,” while confirming that the tech giant will be launching and showing off the new smartwatch during the world’s second-biggest computer trade show, Computex, which is scheduled to run between June 2-6 2015.

It is believed the successor to the current ZenWatch will feature a battery life of just under four days on a single charge, up from the current two days, however this still doesn’t meet Shen’s seven day battery life expectations.

At the same conference, Shen said that the company believes demand for the new ZenWatch might not pick up as rapidly as the company’s low-cost ZenFone range, citing a lower-than-expected battery life.

We will keep an eye out for the new ZenWatch when the company makes the announcement at Computex in June and it will be interesting to see the how the new Android wear features will work in the new device compared to the current ZenWatch.

Source: Focus Taiwan.
Via: Android Central.
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I’m sure someone is working one this already…
A dual layer eInk/LCD screen. Displays low power eInk most of the time, but when you tap it a nice active colourful LCD displays over the top.


I’d consider switching away from a round watch for 4 day battery life, is still charge it every day but I could run it with ambient on and actually last a full 24 hours and hopefully track my sleep.