While Inbox is the new hotness, Google hasn’t forgotten about the original – and some say still the best – Gmail app, today announcing a few new features for the app.

Much like the Google Calendar was recently updated based on user feedback, Google has updated the Gmail app with features requested by feedback. The new update includes a lot more accessibility based on a single tap on a users avatar within the app. Google has detailed the features in their Google+ post :

  • Tapping on people’s avatars now lets you see recent conversations, contact info, and more.
  • Support for non-Gmail addresses (IMAP) is now more reliable and adding additional accounts is a smoother experience.

The update will be rolling out to devices over the coming days, and Google is listening to feedback and expects to implement more features based on it, so keep talking. If you haven’t got Gmail installed, grab it from Google Play and keep an eye out for the latest update notification.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: +Gmail.