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HTC’s has flicked the switch to enable Chromecast support on its Zoe image sharing app, which will allow users to show off any Zoe video they have created.

The update also fixes a few annoying bugs, like the one that caused a video to restart when you changed your device orientation. It also adds a retry button if your upload to the Zoe network fails the first time. The new retry button shows up inside the alert dialog for an upload failure, so there’s no longer the need to begin from the start all over again.

Finally, there’s also a clip sequence UI in the Zoe editor for more granular edits while organizing content. There is also the ability to view individual clips fullscreen and move them to wherever you wish to place them on your timeline.

The update is rolling out now to Zoe users, but if you’re impatient you can click the link below to download it from Google Play.

Price: Free

Do you use Zoe? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

Source: Google Play - Zoe.
Via: Android Central.

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