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LG and Google are now selling a spare charging cradle for the LG Watch Urbane on the new Google Store for $25.99.

The Charger is a replacement or backup cradle for the one supplied in the box with the LG Watch Urbane when you purchase it. The cradle comes with a microUSB cable and the cradle itself – no charger, which you’ll have to supply yourself.

The charger itself is very similar to the one supplied with the LG G Watch R, which has never had a spare cradle made available on the Google Store, or even by LG Australia. Luckily we have a review unit with Scott at the moment who also has a G Watch R and will be updating this post to advise wether the cradle for the LG Watch Urbane will charge the G Watch R.

The spare cradle is shipping now from the Google Store in 1-2 Business Days with free shipping. If you need a charger for your LG Watch Urbane, then grab one now from the Google Store.

Source: Google Store.
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So the watch urbane has a smaller footprint than the g watch r. Thus, unfortunately, the g watch r cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be charged using the urbane charger. The urbane can use either charger but not the other way around.