Snake Rewind

If you didn’t have an old Nokia candy bar phone with the old school snake game on it, you missed out on being part of history with the evolution of mobile phones; it was the beginning of games becoming common place on mobile phones. The simple up, down, left or right controls to take your ever-growing snake around the screen, collecting extras along the way saw countless hours poured into the game by just as many owners of the phones sporting the game.

Now it’s back!
Developed by the same team behind the original, the game offers much the same, but updated for the new era of smartphones with a touch interface, with 10 distinct levels. The game is a freemium title, offering In-App Purchases through the Fruit store where you can purchase items and boosters – with IAP costing anywhere between $1.16 – $35.04 per item.

You can pick up the old school game on the Play Store right now, relive some good times and show the young whipper-snappers in your life what mobile games used to be like.

Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Developer: Rumilus Design
Price: Free+

There’s been a few old school games from the early days of PC (yes VGA times) games getting a revival lately on mobile platforms and I’ll admit to being amused enough to download this one just to relive some old memories.

Bragging Rights: What phone were you using and was your highest score on snake?

Source: Play Store.