Motorola’s line of Moto phones are getting increasingly more popular with each generation. The Moto X is due for a third generation, with rumours already circulating, and now the Moto G is also beginning to leak it’s third generation, with Indian retailer Flipkart accidentally listing the phone on their website.

The listing was only briefly available before it was taken down, but some details were gleaned from the listing. The phone will, at the very least have a white version and come with 8GB of on-board storage. The phone will have a model # of AP3560AD1K8.


While minimal information on specs for the phone was found, rumours surrounding the third generation of the phone see it being announced with a Snapdragon 610 processor, 2 GB RAM and possibly a 5.2″ FullHD display. For the third generation of the Moto G, Motorola will most likely release the phone with 4G, rather than releasing a separate LTE model.

We’ll know more in a few months when the Moto G Gen 3 is due for launch.

Source: Gadget Raid.
Thanks: Praphul.
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Hope it still has dual SIMs..


If Moto release a 4G G gen 3 with FHD, what will that do to the X?

The X is supposed to be the high end, but if the mid tier device, the G, gets the same capabilities as the X, what market point would there be for the X?


2gb RAM. Finally. It makes the phone usable.