Oppo ColorOS Lollipop
After launching a beta Lollipop based AOSP ROM for the Find 7/7a earlier this month, Chinese manufacturer Oppo has moved ahead with a beta release of a Color OS based ROM for the Find 7/7a.

The release comes after much discussion of the features and look of the new ColorOS ROM, which takes into account some elements of Material Design, incorporating a flatter and smaller design for their icons. The Design preview for ColorOS 2.1.0, the first release shows some of these new features which include:

Simple and Flat icon Design
ColorOS 2.1 changed the default icon design, the colors are looking brighter and more energetic, icons are simpler yet easier to recognize.

Redesigned Second Level Interface
In ColorOS 2.1 we’ve redsigned the second level interface, the subtle changes of the small icons make the whole system looking much more appealling.

Brand New Wallpapers
We’ve carefully selected 12 new wallpapers for the ColorOS 2.1, which one do you like best?

In terms of usability, the ColorOS team has also included a number of features, but has also remove redundant, RAM and power consuming features from the Lockscreen, Launcher, Settings and various apps such as Phone, Messaging etc. included in ColorOS, all of which are aimed at making a smoother more usable ROM.

The key features that ColorOS 2.1.0 has though, is that it’s smoother & has a faster response, at the same time introducing new features to the Email app, as well as Quick Settings and adding Bluetooth sharing of contacts. Oppo has also worked to make a convenient update mechanism with what they call OTA 2.0, which will let you update your ColorOS beta from 2.1.0i to future updates – 2.1.x.

The release also allows users to incorporate a unified storage update, however this does involve the possibility that it will wipe data on your device so you’ll need to make a backup and ensure it’s stored off the device.

You can see a walkthrough on the Oppo ColorOS 2.1.0 Beta for the Find 7/7a here:

If you’re a Find 7/7a owner, you can head over to the Oppo Forums to get instructions on flashing – please ensure you read them all – and download the ROM for installation.

Source: OppoForums.