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The fine folks over at the Humble Bundle have launched their latest Mobile Bundle offering more DRM free Android games for you to add to your collection for a very fair price.

The latest bundle features the opportunity to add nine games from developer Aritfex Mundi to your collection, with three – Clockwork Tales, Time Mysteries 1, and Deadly Puzzles – available for whatever price you wish to pay. As usual if you pay above the average – which sits at US$4.13 – you’ll add four more: Time Mysteries 2, Time Mysteries 3, Grim Legends, and Demon Hunter. Finally if you pay $9 or above, you’ll get all of these plus Enigmatis 2 and Grim Legends 2.

Payment can be made using Bitcoin, Amazon, PayPal and Credit Card and as usual for those with a charitable eye, you can split your payment between the Humble Bundle team, the developers and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The bundle will of course be updated with more games in around a week, so get in early and pay above the average to make sure you get those when they launch. Head on over to the Humble Mobile Bundle Website to grab your bundle now.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.