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Last Friday night, Ausdroid (well, Daniel and I) attended the Lizzies in Sydney, held at the Crystal Ballroom at Luna Park. We’ve been to the Lizzies for the last few years now, which recognise excellence in the field of technology journalism. The awards are always well attended, with the who’s who of tech press from Australia in attendance, as well as many public relations firms and their clients in attendance as well. Jason wasn’t about to join us this year, as he was in Melbourne, but we went anyway, met up with some of our friends in industry and settled in for a good meal and a few gin and tonics (thanks to Linksys for sponsoring those!)

We caught up with the guys from Tech Geek, with Geoff Quattromani, with Peter Wells from Reckoner, shared a few drinks with the guys and girls from Edelman and Red Agency (amongst others), fully in the expectation that Ausdroid probably wasn’t in contention this year. Well, it seems we were wrong.

Daniel and I were busily installing Telegram and seeing what all the fuss was about (thanks to Peter for that), when the Independent Media category was announced. I don’t think either Dan or I noticed when Ausdroid was named as a nominee — we knew we were nominated, but so little was our expectation that even the mention of our publication didn’t really grab our attention. It wasn’t until I heard the words “and the winner is Ausdroid Media” that I sort of looked at Daniel in disbelief, and we stumbled our way up onto the stage, complete with silly grins and a fair helping of disbelief.

After the initial shock had died down, Dan and I reflected on what we achieved in 2014, and what we’ve already achieved in 2015. This year has been out of the ballpark for us, and we wouldn’t have done any of it if it weren’t for you guys reading and commenting away on our articles, news and reviews. You see, we just do this for fun.. but in 2015, Ausdroid is starting to look like a real news publication. We’ve been around the world; MWC 2015 in Barcelona, a Huawei launch in London, LG’s G4 launch in Singapore, and Dan is about to jump on a plane to San Francisco to attend Google I/O as one of only two journalists from Australia.

I think I speak for all of us behind Ausdroid when I say I’m incredibly proud, honoured and humbled by having won this award. Yes, it’s just a piece of paper and a nice glass trophy, and in the scheme of things, it might not be much. However, in an industry where there really isn’t much by way of recognition, where the work really can be thankless, and where the rewards are few and far between, it’s really nice to be recognised by our peers as the best at what we do.

We’re not finished for this year either. We’re increasing our focus on app and game review (for those who haven’t welcomed Allan Curtis aboard yet, please do), doing more in-depth reviews than ever before, and doing our best to keep bringing you the news, reviews and more that we know you mostly enjoy reading.

A big thanks from all of us to all of you.

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congratulations to the team! 🙂


Nice work guys, glad to hear that didn’t have too many G&T to totally miss the announcement.
Keep the great work coming!!
And thanks for doing it as well.


Congrats guys, well deserved


Great work guys. Enjoy the website and the great content!


Well done fellas (and to all the contributors to this site)

Russell Cook


Newcastle Guardian

Keep up the good, no great work.


awesome work! Well deserved 🙂


Congrats guys, well deserved. I’ll say order a trophy cabinet, you’ll need one soon!


Well done, guys! Glad you got some recognition from the industry and Daniel – magnificent beard!


Great stuff!


Hurrah! So well deserved. Whilst there may well be a plethora of options out there for tech news, so much of it is either US-focused, or location agnostic. In this context, it is invaluable to have a team like that at Ausdroid bringing that all important local flavour to tech news. Especially so given how common it is that devices or software just isn’t made available in the Australian market.

Keep up the great work and I know you’ll only get better.

Peter Massey

Well done guys! Very well deserved!

Darren Ferguson

Well deserved. I really love the latest Android news from an Australian perspective and things that are happening in our corner of the world.
Ausdroid is my primary source for Android news and you guys keep on top of it really well.

Alex Gerontzos

Wow fantastic guys! Everyone here are truly gifted and talented in what they do here. Giving us everything related to the tech world with a lot of interesting content that can better benefit all of us. Keep up the great work ahead and looking forward to your coverage at I/O

Jason Little

Well Done guys!

Ausdroid fan

Many congratulations AUSDROID!

Darren Yates

Congrats, guys – well deserved.


Congrats guys!


Congratulations again guys