Google has been slowly parting services out of Google+, with the Photos app one of the larger ones requested by users. According to a report from Bloomberg, Google will announce that the app will become standalone at Google I/O next week.

While the service is still tied to your Google account, according to Bloomberg, the need for a Google+ account will no longer be required. The report is fairly bare-bones, with Google, as usual, refusing to comment on speculation and rumours but it goes along with rumours that have been circulating Google+ Photos for a while.

Google I/O kicks off on May 28th at 9am for a two-and-a-half hour Keynote address, where we’re sure to see all of these details announced – or clarified.

Source: Bloomberg.
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Allister Roger

I just want to be able to download a group of backed up photos from my mobile to my computer, easily not one by one.


Eh. Not fussed. I find this whole warfare against G+ mysterious.
I have my photos in a Google account. It has this social network that I don’t use. No crisis.


When they pull Photos out of G+, will they also resurrect Google Picasa?


Oh god I hope not.

I just want this to be a stand alone product that’s not tied to G+ or Picasa or anything.


Picasa wasn’t originally tied to G+
It was stand-alone.

Then they tied Picasa to G+
Then they tried to replace Picasa with Photos.

Picasa, able to link to Drive. That’s what I would like to see.