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Samsung has released a new app overnight, which is giving users a way to work seamlessly across their various (Samsung) devices. Called Flow, the app is now available, although with a Beta tag, through Google Play.

The app, which was announced last year gives Samsung users the opportunity to transition work flows across all their compatible Samsung devices. Once installed, you can move through a combination of four different work flows:

  1. Users may transfer an application across devices.
  2. Users may act on content within an application on a different device.
  3. Users may defer activity to a future point in time.
  4. Samsung Flow may propagate notifications across devices so that users can act on relevant notifications in a timely fashion.

The app is in public beta, but only works with a limited number of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S5, S6, and S6 Edge, Galaxy Alpha, Note 4 and Note Edge & Galaxy Tab S – though more are expected to be added to the list once it exits beta. Samsung has stated that they do intend to offer flow to ‘other device types and operating systems’ but for now it’s Android they are concentrating on.

If you have at least two of the devices that Flow is compatible with you can install the app from Google Play and try it out for yourself.
Looks like this is US-only – have an APK.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Samsung ThinkTankTeam.
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Jamie Saltmarsh

Thanks Dan but getting not available in this country? Apk?

Daniel Tyson

Trying to grab it now. Was logged into my US account.