TriplifySome people (like me) like to travel, explore and discover in their own way. They don’t necessarily seek out things ‘to do’, but more wander, take in, and find things out for themselves. Others prefer to go where the action is, to find things that are ‘must do’, to seek out things that are happening nearby and go to them.

For these folk, Triplify Australia might be a welcome travel tool, especially if you’re new to Australia, or travelling in a part of it you’re unfamiliar with. It’s clever, too — it doesn’t just tell you what’s on at the moment, but you can look forward as well and see what will be on for your desired travel dates. Triplify includes the following features:

  • Filter events by city, travel dates and category
  • Get tickets to the event right from the app
  • Add events to your calendar
  • Save events to your shortlist
  • Get directions to the event from wherever you are

The app is made by a bunch of guys working from Perth, Western Australia, and we love to throw a bit of a spotlight over our local developers whenever we can. Perhaps best is that the service isn’t just an Android app, you can access the service through the web as well, and your poor iOS loving family members can download it for iOS as well.

They’re working on some awesome new features as well, which take advantage of some of the wonderful services emerging in Australia. One which really caught my eye was integration with Uber; users can find an event, decide they want to go and call an Uber car, receiving a fare estimate and approximate time until pickup all within the Triplify app. Fantastic!

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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    Fantastic discovery, guys. I’ve just downloaded it.