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HTC has been moving apps to Google Play for a while now, experiencing the freedom allowed with updating their core apps outside the restrictive controls of the carrier software update process. The latest app to move across is the HTC Mail app which is now live in Google Play.

It’s a fairly decent app as far as Mail clients go, with support for IMAP and POP3 accounts, just like most traditional email clients, it also supports Exchange ActiveSync policies for those corporate accounts. The app has all the design considerations you’d expect from a HTC Sense app, with a fairly clean design and layout as you normally find.

Full list of Features from the Google Play Store description:

– Quickly add accounts with the mailbox setup wizard
– Switch between your accounts and folders from the drawer
– Tap “+” to compose a new message
– Change your message text’s font, color, highlight, indentation and more
– Search for messages by subject, sender, receiver or content and all fields
– Filter search results by sender, receiver, priority or attachment
– Text Reflow auto adjusts content to fit your screen at different levels of zoom
– Create meeting invitations without leaving HTC Mail
– Support for Exchange ActiveSync policies

Of course the app will only let you install it to HTC devices – though there’s sure to be APKs out there if you REALLY want it. I’ve had various HTC devices over the years, but it appears to only want to install to the M9 in my list, so there may be restrictions on versions of Sense it will work with.

If you’re a HTC user and you’re using their Mail client, you can now install your updates from Google Play, head on over and see if it’s compatible with your HTC handset and let us know in the comments.

HTC Mail
HTC Mail
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
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Would actually like to install that on my S6. Samsung’s mail app is hideous.


I agree … hated the Samsung app. I used to like the HTC app on the M7, but annoying they don’t allow it on my S6. I also liked the ?AOSP app on the 1+1, maybe I can load this on the S6. Currently using Mailwise which is good


What app will let my M8 sync to the Hotmail server? Its the only thing I miss from my iPhone


Hotmail is now Outlook right? Microsoft’s outlook app has recently come out of beta.

Sujay Vilash

I highly recommend the Microsoft Outlook for Android App. It actually is quite brilliant. In fact, I like it so much that I don’t use the HTC Mail app on my M8s.

Daniel Tyson

GMail will now sync your accounts. Other than that as Sujay and Matt point out there is now a quite good Outlook app as well.