Telstra branded Samsung Galaxy S5 handsets to begin receiving Lollipop update on 1st of June

Samsung’s previous flagship, the Galaxy S5 will begin receiving Lollipop on the 1st of June, at least those handsets with Telstra branded firmware.

The latest entry on the Telstra Crowd Support forum has listed the software update from Android 4.4.2 to Android 5.0 is due to be approved on the 25th of May, with deployment to begin on the 1st of June. That said – it’s not approved just yet, but it’s looking likely.

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The next question on everyones lips is “What about my XXXXX branded Galaxy S5?” Well, the news isn’t as fantastic, with the most recent software update status from Vodafone listing the status of the Lollipop update as ‘Testing in progress’, while Optus’ latest update doesn’t even list a software package in testing.

Outright, unlocked handsets aren’t looking any better, with a quick look at the firmware listings on Sammobile showing no updates for the handset beyond Android 4.4.2 – though this will change when Telstra releases their firmware obviously:

We’ve approached Optus, Vodafone and Samsung for updates on the Galaxy S5 Lollipop update and will update with any new information that comes to hand. We’re also watching Telstra to see if the current May 25th software approval date is confirmed.

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  • The big shock is, that Samsung's outright models in Australia gets the updates later than carrier version. At least based on past experience.

    • I don't know why but Samsung's has very little respect for owners with previous model. I look at the S6 and the amount of issues on this phone. I am glad I decided not to update. I have an S5 and Note 4.

  • I got sick of waiting installed cyanogenmod and am now running 5.1.1 and love it and wonder why I didn't do it earlier for my S5.

  • that is awesome news, if I don't hear from Optus during this time I will flash this ROM on to my phone. I am still not happy with Samsung

    • Thanks Groceries - as per the article above : the most recent software update status from Vodafone listing the status of the Lollipop update as ‘Testing in progress’,

  • As an owner of an Optus sourced GS5, I just hope that Samsung don't provide a dud version of the software as they did for the GS3 which basically rendered them useless after upgrading to Jellybean. Samsung have treated their previous flagship device owners with contempt, releasing the Lollipop update piecemeal around the world more often than not on devices other than the GS5.

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