HuaweiHuawei is growing into a bigger name in Australia with each device launch that goes by, but they’ve been in Australia for a while — they do a lot more than mobile phones, having produced a wide range of infrastructure and other devices for the Australian market. With their consumer presence growing and growing, its probably time that everyone figured out how to actually pronounce their name.

Is it Who-ah-way? Hwa-way? Well, not to cut to the chase, but its pronounced Wah-Way, and to make sure people understand the pronunciation, while having a bit of a giggle, Huawei put together a Youtube video with a bunch of individuals pronouncing a number of words that people tend to struggle with. Have a watch, have a laugh and let us know what you think.

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Xiaoliang LU

I’m from china and I can say that the correct pronunciation is more like Hoo-ah Way


Won’t be long until most people can pronounce their name properly. I remember when Nestles decided that they’d had enough with people calling them Nes-elles instead of Nes-lay. Didn’t take long for everyone to catch on.


Surprisingly well done and actually funny. Was expecting some cringe-worthy crap like what Samsung pushes out, but this was done well.

Good thing I’ve been pronouncing it correctly “wah-whey”.